Diponegoro University Electrical Engineering Student Sports Week (POR) organized by the Electrical Student Association (HME) on 27 October – 4 November 2022. This activity hopes to increase the sense of togetherness and kinship between students. Interests, Talents, & Hobbies (Mikatan) HME as the organizer of this activity which helps in the realization of the activity lively.
This event presents several sports and e-sports which are participated by all Diponegoro University Electrical Engineering Students. Sports types of football, futsal, and basketball With E-sports in the form of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) & Mobile Legend. Not only that, this POR was attended by a women’s tug of war competition to enliven this activity.

This activity was opened with futsal and basketball matches which were held on 27 – 28 October 2022. This match brought together all Electrical Engineering students from various generations. The opening match was attended by many electrical residents after the lecture hours were over, which was in the afternoon.

On 29-30 October 2022, e-sports matches will be presented in the form of PES and Mobile Legends. This game is carried out with a group stage and playoff system. The matches were carried out in a sporting manner and uphold the attitude of fair play. Not only that, during this period, a football match was also held on the Sumurboto field, which featured teams from each generation.

Then on November 3 – 4, the final match between futsal, basketball and football matches. Then there was also a women’s tug of war competition which gave new excitement to the POR competition this time. This match was watched by many enthusiastic electro citizens and gave full support to each generation who was competing for victory.

Desta Rossi Septian as the head of the Mikatan HME 2022 said “With this Electro POR activity, it is hoped that it can increase brotherly bonds between students and improve the climate for sports in Electrical engineering”. The activities that have been carried out at the Electrical POR can at least be a medium of refreshment for Electrical Engineering students on the sidelines of the busy world of lectures.