Alhamdulillah, the Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program at Diponegoro University has won international accreditation from IABEE (Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education). The completeness of the accreditation certificate is obtained through an official IABEE letter uploaded on the IABEE official website on Thursday, April 1, 2020. This acquisition is certainly good news for the study program and makes the Electrical Engineering Study Program accredited IABEE with a general evaluation type (General Accreditation). The Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (IABEE) is an institution formed by the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) which is responsible for the accreditation of study programs in the fields of engineering, technology and computing at the undergraduate level. This IABEE accreditation standard is based on learning outcomes (Outcome Based Education) and already refers to the international standard, namely the Washington Accord.

To obtain IABEE accreditation, the Electrical Engineering study program undergoes several stages of the evaluation process, starting from the evaluation application stage in April 2020, online visitation in November 2020 and determination of accreditation in April 2021. The criteria evaluated include Graduate Competency Orientation, Learning Implementation , Assessment of Expected Learning Outcomes and Continuous Improvement.

Dr. Wahyudi as the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering said that this achievement was the result of hard work involving many parties. Undip as an institution continues to support study programs during the evaluation process, not to forget the TPMF Faculty of Engineering Undip and of course the Internal Accreditation Team for Study Programs who work tirelessly to complete supporting documents.

“I would like to thank all parties who have been directly or indirectly involved during the IABEE accreditation process. Hopefully these results will encourage the Electrical Engineering study program to continue to develop and become even better, said Dr. Wahyudi.