Following the ambition to educate our nations, Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University is opening new majors for Electrical Engineering and Machine Engineering according to Surat Keputusan Rektor Universitas Diponegoro Nomor : 144/SK/PT09.3/1981, December 19th 1981 about the forming of Feasibility Study of Opening a new Study Program team.

With Ir. Marwoto Kusumopradono as the chief and Ir. Joetata Hadihardaja, the Dean of Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University as the responsible person for the quality team. The team did a comparative study for quality with UGM Yogyakarta in January 1982, with ITB Bandung in March 1982 and April 1982. The team also visited some governmental institutes in Semarang such as Pemda Dati I, PLN and BKPMD.

The team work resulted as the Rector of Diponegoro University issued SK No. 158/SK/PT09/1982 in December 6th 1982 about the official opening of the bachelor major of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. According to the prior SK, the Dean of Engineering Faculty started to accepting enrollment for students in 1983/1984. Electrical Engineering included in Mathematics major and Mechanical Engineering included in Chemical Engineering major.

In the year 1985/1986 Electrical Engineering students still included in Mechanical Engineering major until 1986/1987 when Electrical Engineering officially become a major in the Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University according to SK Dirjen Dikti No. 47/DIKTI/Kep/1986 in December 26th 1986. The major of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University officially open in 1983/1984.

Until 1997, Electrical Engineering occupied one of the buildings of Engineering Faculty in Jl. Hayamwuruk 5-7 Semarang. The first laboratory is a 3×6 meters room belonged to Civil Engineering in Jl. Dr. Sutomo, Kalisari, Semarang. The classroom were using the room of Architecture, Civil and Chemical Engineering in Jl. Hayamwuruk and Jl. Mataram. The first lecturer is Ir. Sulasno. As time goes by, Electrical Engineering got it is own classroom and laboratorium in Pemda Jateng’s building in Jl. Hayamwuruk and a building in the back of diponegoro mosque. The lecturer staffs are also increasing with Ir. Ngatelan, Ir. Yuningtyastusi, Ir. Sudjadi, etc.

In 1998, Electrical Engineering is moved to Tembalang Campus (about 10kms from the old campus). The new campus is 350Ha, occupied some parts of the Faculty of Engineering with two-stores main building which is building A and building B. The building A is used for lecturer’s room, administration room and library meanwhile for building B is used for classroom, laboratory and student’s activity. In January 24th 2014 through Surat Mandat Nomor 66/E.E2/DT/2014