In order to improve the competence of students and alumni, several activities will be planned under the advisory of the Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL) in collaboration with Diponegoro University and PT PLN (Persero). The scope of activities will be carried out in the form of three activities, namely the first competency certification for students and lecturers, the second program providing scholarships in the form of donations for students who are on their final assignments at UNDIP, and the third in the form of adding laboratory equipment.


1. Helping students and alumni to prepare themselves to enter the world of work and continue their studies
2. Improving the competence of alumni students and lecturers
3. Assisting the competency certification process for alumni and lecturers
4. Providing final project assistance scholarships to final year students
5. Improve laboratory facilities for student research
This TJSL program is in the form of a series of activities to increase the capacity and competence of students, alumni, and lecturers. The CSR program will be held in three forms, namely:

1. Competency Certification
Competency Certification is addressed to the closest lecturers and students and prospective graduates, in the form of the following activities:
• Consultation on the Implementation of Assessors and Technical Personnel Tests, with resource persons from the Directorate General of Energy and Mineral Resources
• Training and Certification of Competence for Young Assessors in the field of Power Generation, with 25 lecturers participating
• Certification of Engineers in the field of Power Plant Operations, with 55 students and lab assistants participating.


2. Final Project Scholarship
PT PLN (Persero) Tbk is one of the strategic partners for Diponegoro University. PT PLN (Persero) Tbk has absorbed a lot of superior human resources produced by Undip, especially from alumni of the Electrical Engineering Department. One of the efforts to improve the quality and competence of students and graduates is to provide support for the implementation of students’ Final Projects. For this reason, Undip proposes that the TJSL program includes the provision of Final Project Assistance Scholarships which will be given to outstanding students according to the criteria determined by PT. PLN (Persero) Tbk with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Diponegoro University.

3. Purchasing of Laboratory Equipment
The completeness of adequate laboratories with tools and facilities that support the implementation of learning is one of the targets of this program. With the addition of adequate laboratory equipment, it is hoped that teaching and research activities within the Department of Electrical Engineering will improve, which in turn will support the improvement of the competence of students and graduates.
External Involvement
In the implementation of this CSR program, there are several external parties involved as implementing partners, namely:
1. Assessor Certification Activities
Assessor certification activities involve the Directorate General of Electricity and Energy and Mineral Resources in collaboration with PT Fortuna Bukakar Abadi (Address: Tower A.10th Floor. Unit E. JI. Raya Casablanca Kav. 88. South Jakarta 12870).
2. Technical Personnel Certification Activities
The Electric Power Certification activity involved PT Harapan Certification Official as the Electrical Engineering Competency Certification Agency (Address: Jalan Pepelegi lndah Blok L no 4 Waru, Sidoarjo – 61256)