(Semarang, October 31) Electrical Engineering students at Diponegoro University won international achievements at the 2022 Indonesian Inventors Day (IID). IID 2022 is here to serve as a means of contributing to Indonesian students in developing Indonesia. IID is here to facilitate the creativity of Indonesian students in working through research collaborations. With the IID carrying the theme of research collaboration, it is hoped that it can contribute to Indonesia in solving problems comprehensively with appropriate solutions to achieve the global goals in the SDGs.

The team consisting of Natanael Bagus Jatinendra, Prima Prasetyo Simanjuntak, Rifaldi Kallolangi, Willy Ng, Nanda Fitri Tsalatsa, Bernard Kenny Poya, and Shifa Auliya Oktifyanindar won a silver medal at IID 2022 which was organized by Udayana University on 27-31 October 2022.

At the IID 2022 event, the team led by Natanael Bagus Jatinedra took part in the Protection of Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation category by bringing an innovation entitled “Pump Automation System in Polder and Early Warning System to Anticipate Floods Based on Machine Learning and Internet of Things”. In short, the innovations made consist of 2 systems, namely a flood detection system and a pump system. The system that has been created has many advantages such as the use of Machine Learning which is able to predict floods with several parameters such as temperature, rainfall, water level, and water discharge. In addition, the use of the Internet of Things makes it easier for the public to find out the condition of rivers that are prone to flooding via smartphones.
Natanael Bagus Jatinendra, as chairman, said he was happy with the achievements that had been achieved. He hopes that innovations that are still in the prototype stage can be developed to become a system that has a real impact on society.

Source: https://jateng.tribunnews.com/2022/11/11/mahasiswa-teknik-elektro-undip-sabet-penghargaan-internasional-di-ajang-indonesia-invention-day-2022