(Semarang, 14 November 2022)
Diponegoro University Electrical Engineering students won first place at the 2022 Tech Enthusiast Day (TED) event. TED 2022 is here to be a means of contributing to Indonesian students in developing Indonesia through various technological innovations. TED 2022 with the theme “Nextology: Bring Innovation for The Next Generation” is here to accommodate the creativity/masterpieces of Indonesian students in working through research for future generations. With TED which is in the Science Project category, it is hoped that it can contribute to Indonesia in solving solutive societal problems. with appropriate innovation to achieve global goals in the SDGs.
The team consisting of Muhammad Adib Ubaidillah, Mohammad Fa’iz, and Bernard Kenny Poya won 1st place at TED 2022 organized by Gadjah Mada University on 12-13 November 2022. The 2nd place winner was a team from Gadjah Mada University and a 3rd place winner from the Indonesian Defense University.

At the TED 2022 event, the Capella team led by Muhammad Adib Ubaidillah took part in the Science Project competition category with an innovation entitled “Smart Agribooster: Control and Monitoring System for Increasing Chili Plant Growth Based on Internet of Things Powered by Solar Panels”. In short, Smart Agribooster is an appropriate technology from millennial farmers for Indonesian farmers to accelerate crop productivity, especially chili plants in facing the 2023 recession issue. Smart Agribooster is made according to the needs of plant parameters, which is equipped with features to monitor temperature, light, humidity data soil and air humidity. Smart Agribooster technology is also equipped with an automatic irradiation and watering system, which is equipped with monitoring of the latest image conditions which can be accessed via a Smartphone. Meanwhile, the resources for this technology are obtained from the installation of solar panels that utilize new, renewable energy (EBT). The Smart Agribooster innovation is also one of the innovations that can be further developed by utilizing the Machine Learning method so that the use of technology becomes more efficient.
Muhammad Adib Ubaidillah, as chairman, said he was happy with the achievements that had been achieved. He hopes that innovations that are still in the prototype stage can be developed to become a system that has a real impact on society, especially for the Supporters of the Indonesian State Order/Farmers: For the Nation, Long Live the Farmers!.