The joint team of Electrical Engineering and Architectural Engineering students from Diponegoro University won the Gold Medal in the environmental field in the “Mandalika Essay Competition 2”. The competition is being held by the Nusantara Muda Community which is under the auspices of the Setara Prisma Nusantara Institute which starts on January 8 – March 5 2023.

The combined team consists of:

  1. Benedictus Febrian Listyaputra (21060121130079-Engineering/S1 Electrical Engineering)
  2. La Nadi Maulana (21020121140160-Engineering/S1 Architecture)
  3. Abdulloh Ahmad Hanifan (21060121130073-Engineering/S1 Electrical Engineering)
  4. Ibrahim Achmad Yamin (21060121130071-Engineering/S1 Electrical Engineering)

They won the competition by presenting an essay entitled “Smart Lamition: Innovation of Public Street Lighting (PJU) with Active Carbon Capture and Photovoltaic Cells as an Effort to Realize Indonesia’s 2030 Net Zero Emission Commitment”.

The essay describes an innovation in the form of optimizing fly ash, which is actually a B3 waste or pollutant from coal burning residue. The fly ash is collected and then compacted so that it becomes a material that can absorb carbon gas in the air. The placement of the fly ash in the PJU was carried out due to the surrounding conditions, it was no longer possible to plant trees on the side of the road due to limited space. The PJU lights also utilize the power obtained from solar panels which are equipped with a solar position tracking system, so that they get more power. Each fly ash placed in the PJU can absorb 0.817 kg of CO2 gas per day.

One of the team members, Benedictus Febrian Listyaputra, said that after sending the essay, after 1-2 weeks there was an announcement of the finalists and one of them was the team. He said when he became a finalist, the team had to present the essay that was made on March 5, 2023. After the presentation took place, his team was declared the gold medal winner in the environmental field. It didn’t stop there, the essay was contested again in the overall champion contest and won 2nd place.