Graduate Learning Outcomes

The Characteristics of Graduate Learning Outcomes (CPL) of Undip’s Electrical Engineering Program are system improver, system implementation, and thinker, which are further elaborated as follows:

  1. Possess scientific and mathematical knowledge, computation and computer skills to analyze and design devices or complex systems and the ability to apply them to solve engineering problems with engineering principles.
  2. Have the ability to design, implement, and verify components, processes, or systems that are appropriate to the field of expertise to meet desired specifications or requirements, considering other factors such as economy, environment, social aspects, health, safety, and sustainability, utilizing local and national resources.
  3. Have expertise in designing and conducting experiments in laboratories and in the field, as well as analyzing the results to strengthen assessment.
  4. Possess adequate knowledge in identifying, formulating, analyzing, and solving problems or providing alternative solutions in the field of electrical engineering or their field of expertise.
  5. Have good skills in using methods, tools, and modern equipment required in engineering, particularly in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  6. Can communicate effectively in conveying ideas both orally and in writing.
  7. Have competence in planning, solving, and evaluating tasks and work in a measurable and systematic manner with reference to existing limitations.
  8. Can collaborate and contribute effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.
  9. Have the ability to take responsibility independently for their work and demonstrate adherence to professional ethics in every engineering issue.
  10. Possess a deep understanding of the importance of lifelong learning through various means, including keeping up with the latest knowledge and developments.